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Rebuilding and Restoration


When a piano owner is faced with the need to rebuild, repair, or purchase a used piano needing repair, there is a good deal of information that needs to be understood.

Two questions are your starting point:

1. Is this instrument a good candidate for the needed work?

2. Can the needed work be properly completed?

The information in our “Appraisal” section will help you with this as it is the first step required prior to any “Rebuilding” to determine musical and economic viability.

The term “Piano Rebuilding” is often a catch-all phrase used to describe a variety of approaches to upgrade the condition of an older instrument. Several other “catch-all” identifiers include refurbish, restoration, re-manufacturing, refinishing… none of which precludes the buyers need for diligent understanding as to the exact services offered.

Normally a candidate piano for “rebuilding” shows failure of major functional components. Common services are action part replacement, string and pinblock replacement, action touch-weight adjusting and sometimes soundboard and bridge replacement. Attendant services such as moving and refinishing also need to be considered.

Pianos have historically been improved and designed to become more reliably and efficiently built so as to be durable and enjoyable for the long term. Unfortunately, price point economy and competition have undermined that common perception. Along with high quality, durable products, the marketplace may also provide an abundance of low quality instruments and repair methods that provide less durability and satisfaction than expected. Do your research to avoid surprises.

Beginning in 1972, our business has evolved to offer comprehensive restoration processes. We began as musicians who relied on our instrument’s consistency and durability to encourage our musical goals. We believe that performance and reliability provide the highest satisfaction and apply this principal to our projects.

The following pictures are of some of the processes involved in piano rebuilding performed on a variety of top quality pianos. Not all instruments require all processes but if the work is necessary it can be provided.